Mother & Father


Mother & Father Paddy Summerfield “Love, friendship, loss” Corinna Koch “These are among the most deeply moving pictures I have seen.” Gerry Badger Order from: Dewi Lewis Publishing Clothbound hardback 205mm x 245mm [...]

The Oxford Pictures


THE OXFORD PICTURES 1968 -1978 Paddy Summerfield “Often, I sensed a loneliness in the students I photographed. We were all lonely together.” Paddy Summerfield “1t is a frightening and wonderful thing: a year of graduate study in [...]

Empty Days


Empty Days “Summerfield weaves the images into a personal document, a subjective story where everything is tragic, but there is also hope.’ Gerry Badger 2018 Order from: Dewi Lewis Publishing Empty Days Dewi Lewis Publishing Hardback 112 pages 220mm x 245mm 75 duotone plates ISBN: [...]

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